Conduct Experiments


Use the WISEBED testbed facilities to rapidly debug and evaluate wireless sensor network applications and algorithms at scale. The WISEBED architecture offers a single sign-on system and a common API leading to outstanding tool support.

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Application Development


Build cross-platform, highly efficient WSN applications using the Wiselib C++ template-based algorithm library!

Build highly dynamic component oriented applications using GNU C based on Lorien OS.

Simulate your experiments using Shawn - a WISEBED-compatible sensor network simulator.

Get the full toolchain in a preconfigured Virtual Machine to get started right away...

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Join the Community


Share your experiences and results with the community and learn from others about their experiences. Use our collaborative blogging page to post on this site. Join mailing lists to find help, provide help or engage in future development.



Run your own Testbed


Run your own personal desktop testbed, debug and evaluate your application at your desk before deploying to the WISEBED testbeds.

Deploy your own (private) large or small scale testbed.

Integrate your testbed into the WISEBED federation to let other users run their experiments on your hardware and deployment!

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The WISEBED project is a joint effort of nine academic and research institutes across Europe aiming to provide a multi-level infrastracture of interconnected testbeds of largescale wireless sensor networks for research purposes, pursuing an interdisciplinary approach that integrates the aspects of hardware, software, algorithms, and data.

If you are using WISEBED for your scientific work, please acknowledge this by citing the following publication:

Flexible experimentation in wireless sensor networks (Coulson, Geoff; Porter, Barry; Chatzigiannakis, Ioannis; Koninis, Christos; Fischer, Stefan; Pfisterer, Dennis; Bimschas, Daniel; Braun, Torsten; Hurni, Philipp; Anwander, Markus; Wagenknecht, Gerald; Fekete, Sandor P.; Kröller, Alexander; Baumgartner, Tobias), In Commun. ACM, ACM, volume 55, 2012. [bib] [pdf]